What is creativity?

paulainthestudioDo you ever wish you could be more creative?

Do you long to make meaningful art work, or enjoy that of others, make beautiful clothes, design your own Instagram / Facebook page better, decorate your home, consider the issues of the world through a different prism?

But what does creativity mean?

Defining creativity has exercised philosophers, artists and thinkers throughout the centuries. Nowadays the focus is more on how individuals can become more creative themselves, seeing that creativity is something that people can be trained and encouraged to develop, rather than something to which only “talented” people have access.

There is a growing recognition that creativity can enhance everyone’s lives.
Whether or not you choose to channel your creativity into an art form, engaging in the process can expand your perspective on what is possible. Creative thinking is one of the most precious resources we have.

Open Studio @ The Chocolate Factory offers a series of programmes for adults, designed to help you explore your creative process. We provide the space, time and support to engage with materials in a creative, calm and encouraging environment.