web2I have known Paula Erraught for almost 10 years and during that time I have observed her working at her own art practice and teaching others on many occasions. Paula is hugely enthusiastic and generous as a teacher. She has a rare ability to connect with students of all ages and to communicate and share her own deep love of art with them. Children respond instinctively to Paula’s gentle encouragement. Over the years, her expertise has helped many a young artist to blossom and her inclusive attitude ensures that everyone enjoys exploring the process of making art. She is equally adept when inspiring adults and sharing techniques that bring out an artistic side that may have been long neglected. I would encourage anyone to join Paula for one of her programmes in her studio and let her be your guide in discovering a world of creativity.

P. J. Lynch, Laureate na nÓg


Paula’s workshops are a treat for the spirit and eye.  I have taken several of Paula’s courses and looked forward to every session as joyful, relaxing and supportive time-out.  Paula has a fantastic facility to create a calm environment that encourages self-directed creative discovery.  She gives you the tools and in a gentle manner suggests ways forward, she sees potential in what you are doing and makes the whole experience fun.  I highly recommend Paula’s workshops for anyone who wants to invest in themselves and their creativity.

Eilish Kent, Producer and Story Consultant

Paula Erraught’s way of working with children is an example of best practice. A significant artist in her own right, Paula is child-centred and gifted in her communication style and has great understanding of individual children and their way of working and thinking, I have seen children blossom while working with her and gain great confidence in their creativity.

Ray Yeates, City Arts Office, Dublin City Council