Inside the Studio

workinthestudioCurious about creativity?

Paula Erraught is a mixed media artist, experienced facilitator and mentor. Her studio on the 2nd floor of The Chocolate Factory is a vibrant, inspiring space full of art materials, books and curios gathered over decades of creative exploration.

In her practice Paula works on several pieces at a time, moving from one to another, each at various stages of development.

This is an invitation to experience her studio environment, to discuss with Paula her working practice, where ideas come from and some of the processes used in her work.

Join her to look, ask questions, share and be inspired.

  • Optional half day or full day workshop.
  • The full day workshop includes a hands-on experience.

Try out different art media and techniques…. Ink, paint, oil pastels, charcoal… Let the shapes, textures and colours you have discovered work together to create a pattern book. No art skills or experience necessary. Allow Paula and the art materials to guide you in this experimental experience.