The Fabric Workshop

IMG_9461The Fabric Workshop
Colour, pattern and print

This hugely popular course provides the participant with the skills, tools and materials to create a uniquely personal work of art. Combining colour with pattern produces an infinite variety of tones and textures. Discover you down preference using beautiful jewel-like colours and a variety of printing techniques.

In a step-by-step process, with one-to-one attention, participants are guided to work with inks in an experimental way, exploring a system of layering techniques.

In any creative work practice, whether it is on fabric, paper or canvas, the element of discovery is often the most rewarding and enjoyable. Through experimenting and responding to chance, invaluable lessons are learned, and creativity is allowed to flow naturally.

The aim is to produce your own design and to create a finished fabric print (40 x 40 cm).

Be immersed in colour, pattern and texture. Allow the experience to recharge your creative spirit and have fun.