Visualise It: Vision Board Workshop

visualise itWhen you want to achieve something, have you ever tried closing your eyes and imagining yourself there? You touch it, feel it and see it clearly. You scan every detail in your minds eye. This can be a powerful technique for motivating yourself and building the self- confidence and focus needed to achieve your goals. Yet when you open your eyes, the vivid image starts to fade: it takes real concentration to visualise again each time you want some inspiration.

What if you could keep hold of that image?

Vision boarding is a simple tool to help you do just that by using evocative images and key words to represent your goal in a collage type format.

It is a powerful technique to visually express your thoughts and ideas for your business or personal life.

Join us to learn how to create your vision board, using collage, ink, paint and mixed media. No creative experience necessary.