The story of Lace (the dressing of Wedfest), is a kind of adventure in collaboration at the chocolate factory. Working with Greenshoes Events to dress the space for their upcoming event. Essentially our approach st Artlife involves taking the brief… Wedfest/alternative weddings/quirky/raw industrial space…. and finding a starting point for styling the event.

20181021_150323 Taking a particular piece of fabric as a starting point, a beautiful swathe of antique lace and working with our signature use of layers, hand-painted tissue papers, mono printed wax paper, silver and gold leaf, mica and chalk. The aim was to create a design, a backdrop to the event which engages physically and subliminally so as to enhance the whole experience for the visitors. We have learned much from working with old fabrics, be they precious and exquisite or simple and plain. Listening to the stories they tell with their colours and patterns, these can be the framework for the entire event.

Some designers anticipate stylistic trends, others find fresh beauty in an old pattern and can find new ways to repurpose it.

In Artlife we like to approach a brief as storytellers and dreamweavers,, spark the imagination and build out a mood for the event.

We look for somewhere to begin that may provide a connection to your story, igniting a flame of creativity and resulting in new visual solutions.